Amaro Tirlana


Amaro was born in Holomog, a nation in southern Garund. Growing up in the city of Anuli granted a young Amaro exposure to countless subjects and instilled a great love of learning in him. Despite his chaotic heritage, he found it easy to lose himself in whatever subject had caught his fancy at the time. He spends more time in books than noticing anything around him, a fact that causes his younger sister Anyi no deal of trouble.

Three years ago he decided to venture far to the north to study technology, a subject that confused and fascinated him. Seeing an opportunity to leave home (and being more than a little concerned about her brother’s travel capability) Anyi accompanied him.

The two have settle in Torch. Most of the residents still haven’t met Amaro, but there are more than a few rumors about him. Anyi has been as active as possible in the social scene to help make up for her brother’s lack of public interaction.

Amro, almost surprisingly, has noticed the Torch has gone out and is interested in finding out why…and maybe studying it…oh! and taking it apart…and…

Amaro Tirlana

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