AI Oracle


Once an android, Casandalee was unusual in that she remembered fragments of her past incarnations, cursing her with a shattered psyche and giving her the powers of an oracle. She traveled to Silver Mount centuries ago after receiving a strange vision: that of a welcoming glow within the mountain. Convinced that the mount was in fact the heart and brain of a great “Iron God,” she traveled to Numeria to find it for herself. She found Unity there, and for a time she worshiped and aided her new deity.

However, Unity’s contempt for organic life grew to alarm her. Eventually, she began to question Unity’s nature and motivations, and even whether it was a deity at all. Upon realizing that Unity’s plans for the world only involved enslavement and cruelty, she sabotaged its efforts to escape Silver Mount and fled, pursued by Unity’s robot minions. Her flight took her to the Scar of the Spider, where the robots eventually caught up to her and killed her—but not before she’d uploaded her consciousness, using a neurocam, into a compact AI core.

Deprived of her physical body, Casandalee developed something unique: the capacity to experience emotions. Most of her time is spent dreaming, due to her limited power supply, slipping between her 113 lives and personalities. This makes her rather odd to interact with, but she is dedicated to stopping Unity.


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