Dinvaya Lanalei


N female middle-aged half-elf cleric of Brigh 7


One of Joram Kyte’s friends from his old adventuring days, Dinvaya has been hiding out in Scrapwall since she ran afoul of the Technic League. She’s been living in Scrapwall for nearly 2 decades now, and has a reputation as a local eccentric and healer for those willing to pay with good junk. This has kept her relatively safe from harm over the years, though she still watches over her shoulder for the League, unsure if they’ve given up on finding her.

She is very focused in her crafting, but will is a loyal friend to anyone who proves themselves worthy of her interest. Joram hopes to convince her to leave Scrapwall and come make a life in Torch, and has tasked the PCs with finding her.

Dinvaya Lanalei

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