Furkas Xoud


NE male human ghost wizard 8/technomancer 3


Furkas Xoud was once a member of the Technic League, but fled the organization after he became frustrated that his limited standing was hampering his research. He stole quite a few journals and research notes, as well as some robot minions, and fled to southern Numeria to continue his research. He constructed the Choking Tower as a combination home and laboratory and kept a low profile for several years until the League’s constant leadership changes and in-fighting distracted them from coming after him.

Among the stolen notes, he read of the android oracle Casandalee, and became obsessed with the idea of recovering her or her remains in order to gain more knowledge of Silver Mount. He discovered her body 7 years ago and brought it back to the tower, but when he attempted to probe too far into her mind, her fail-safe activated, unleashing a swarm of nanites and killing Furkas.

He rose again as a ghost, unwilling to abandon his research but unable to continue experiments in his current state. He has haunted the Choking Tower since his demise.

Furkas Xoud

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