A captain of the Technic League, Ghartone was born in Alkenstar. In his youth, intrigued by reports of strange weaponry coming out of Numeria, he faked his own death in an explosion by blowing up his teacher’s laborator—and his teacher—and escaped to Numeria after looting the lab.

After a rough start, he managed to work his way into the League and grew to be a very important member, using his network of spies and agents to advance the League’s interests. However, his success came to a crashing halt when he was betrayed by one of his favored agents, a man named Pauldris Gray. When Gray confronted him, outraged over his plans to use a young orphan girl in a cruel experiment, a fire broke out in the ensuing conflict and the lab exploded.

Ghartone survived, thanks to a man named Ozmyn Zaidow who rescued him, but Zaidow extracted a price for the rescue…


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