Black Sovereign of Numeria


Once a mighty barbarian, Kevoth-Kul united all the tribes in Numeria under his banner and stormed Starfall in 4690 AR. There, the Technic League quickly bowed to his mighty army and accepted him as the Black Sovereign. In fact, however, by admitting their “defeat,” they simply turned Kevoth-Kul into a pawn, not caring who has the title of Black Sovereign as long as they are given free rein in Numeria. The League provides Kevoth-Kul with all the drugs and addictive substances (distilled from Silver Mount) that he desires, and in return, he lets them do as they please.

He now spends most of his days in a drug-addled haze, spending time feasting, in his harem, and with his beloved dogs. Though he is arrogant and cruel, fragments of his former self can occasionally be glimpsed through the debauchery. But as long as he retains his addiction to the strange Numerian fluids, he will remain a slave to the League.


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