Khonnir Baine


CG middle-aged human rogue 1/wizard (arcane bomber) 5


Khonnir Baine is one of the members of the Town Council and a well-respected man in town. Though he and his adopted daughter have only been living in Torch for a few years, Khonnir quickly made friends in town and is generally very well-liked. He runs the Foundry Tavern while engaging in magical and alchemical research.

As one of the most learned people in town, the people of Torch turned to Khonnir when the violet flame atop Black Hill went out. He began investigating the caves beneath Black Hill, hoping to find the cause. His first expedition discovered that the caves did seem to extend in the direction of the extinguished flame, though his group didn’t get that far before they returned with a strange damaged machine. Khonnir’s second expedition to the caves, however, has not returned.

The party was able to rescue him from the ruins. It will take him some time to recover, both physically and mentally, but both he and Val are very grateful.

Khonnir Baine

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