Consort to the Black Sovereign


The consort to the Black Sovereign is not simply an ornamental title: Kul-Inkit is effectively second-in-command of Numeria, and positioned to take up the role of Black Sovereign should anything happen to the current one, Kevoth-Kul.

A strong-willed and patient woman, Kul-Inkit once respected Kevoth-Kul for his taking of Starfall, but her respect has gradually waned as she has seen his descent into addiction and lack of caring that the Technic League is using him as a pawn. She would like to see the League run out of Numeria, but will not stoop to murder to do it, not even to gain the coveted Black Sovereign title.

She sees the PCs as a potential solution to her problems, and would like them to defeat Kevoth-Kul in honorable combat—though she could also be talked into a more peaceful solution if they have one.


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