Ennis Zaster


N Female human (Androffan) spiritualist (fractured mind) 13


One of the original crew members of the Divinity, Ennis took refuge in a stasis pod in an escape pod with several other crew members when the ship’s situation deteriorated. Unfortunately, the crash destroyed the pod and most of those in stasis did not survive.

Centuries later, Ennis’s pod was found by a member of the Technic League, SIla Desaulis, who had made note of the site several years prior when on a mission to hunt down a dissident responsible for freeing android test subjects. She returned to claim the pod and awaken the subject inside.

Once Ennis was out of stasis, Sila stole her memories with a psychic imprinter, intending to use them to further her own goals. She left Ennis a blank slate and trained her as one of her personal minions, telling her that she could help her get her memory back. Once it became clear that Ennis had developed an odd type of magic, Sila was fascinated, and kept her on hand to study the phenomenon.

She was found by the PCs, who had been searching for her on behalf of her friend Kivrin, and her memories were restored. Though shaken by her ordeal and the knowledge that everything she knows is ten thousand years gone, Ennis is glad to know that her best friend is safe and on Golarion with her.

Ennis Zaster

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